It's amazing that I have written three long paragraphs with no mention, yet, of "Wound Up".  Capt James Robinson and his team have a rock solid case for being Bermuda's hottest boat this Spring.  Even without his record 51 Wahoo haul on May 20 (for those who missed my prior report that is not a typo - it was fifty-one Wahoo !!), I would guess that "Wound Up" has been the most consistent boat recently on the Wahoo hunt.  10-15 Wahoo per day has been the norm aboard "Wound Up" and a lot of the action has been with live-baits, which is tons of fun.  I think "Wound Up" boated exactly 15 Wahoo on each of May 23, May 24 and May 28, and then on Sunday June 1, "Wound Up" caught 15 Wahoo again and in doing so captured High Point Boat Honors in the annual Bacardi tournament.  This winning effort in the Bacardi tournament came from fishing the Edge up north (mate Jim West might have had something to do with that intelligence, but it was still a brave and great call by Capt James to run up north when he knew the banks had so much action).  The winning catch on "Wound Up" included a bunch of nice Wahoo, including two over 60 lb and many in the 45-55 lb class. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Capt. James, Jim and the rest of the "Wound Up" team !!

Jonathan Reiss (author of Bermuda Fishing Report and Partner at Ernst and Young, Bermuda)