World Cup and Billfish Blast Champions !!!

Blue Marlin World Cup Champions and 1st Place in the Bermuda Billfish Blast !!! ¬† A World Championship. A dream come true. A huge thanks to our crew - Stefan, Brian, Mike and Lester. A job very well done boys !!! Thank you.  

Wound Up Wins Blue Marlin World Cup & Bermuda Billfish Blast !!!

After our great fortune last year, I was honestly just hoping to win a release daily or put a decent Blue Marlin up on the dock during the Bermuda Triple Crown in 2009. Leading up tournament time I was confident. We were seeing fish everyday when very few fish we being seen. We were also 0 for our first 6 Blue Marlin bites. I reckoned we were fishing well and LONG overdue to make a few bite stick. We rolled the dice on July 4th and went away from the fleet, fishing in a spot we missed a fish the day before and had seen some pretty conditions the week prior. An early Blue Marlin release that morning gave me the confidence to stay and was it ever worth it !!! Not long after lunch we found a blue 55 gallon barrel floating in a weed line. We tacked and made a down sea pass on the barrel. 50 yards later the long rigger came down and nothing. We cranked the leopard back up into position waiting for a bite. Nothing. Stefan let the tag back up and I turned around to hit man overboard on the GPS. When I spun back the tag was down. Stefan pushed the drag up and we were hooked up. Obscenities followed reminding him that he was not only the mate but also a registered angler. He hoped in the chair, I spun around, called the hook up in and spun back to see an obscene amount of our white water between our long rigger and our teasers. I asked Stefan if it was a kill fish and the obscenities continued - he was a bit excited and made it perfectly clear that she was a kill fish. She ran a ton of line off the reel then went down and died. After 1 1/2 hours and some very heavy drag planing, she popped up DOA and was quickly hauled over the side. She weighed 865 pounds and was confirmed at 12:30am (after an 829 was weighed in Hawaii) as the World Cup Champion. Combined with a Blue Marlin Release that morning and another Blue Marlin release the next day was enough to win the Billfish Blast. 2 major tournament victories in 2 days with one being the World Championship - the 1st ever won by a Junior Angler (Stefan was 17 at the time)....A dream come true !!!  Many thanks to a great team - Stefan, Brian, Mike and Lester.