Fishing in the fog.

It's not very common to fish in the fog here, but yesterday it was well worth it. We  fished the morning w/ Barney, Mark and Pippa and finished with 7 Wahoo and 3 Yellowfin Tuna. We had a 15lb Wahoo and everything else was north of 30 lb. The sharks cleaned out a Wahoo and 2 other Yellowfin bites. Not what we wanted, but a good sign that the fishing is turning around as the sharks travel with a lot of other gamefish we haven't seen yet this year . I think spring is running late, and our best fishing is yet to come....I hope I'm right.

Big Wahoo, random Tuna bites and the 1st Blue

The fishing is not what is should be for this time of year, but we've managed to scrape out a catch every trip. Although we have not put up any huge Wahoo #'s since this winter, we have caught a bunch of fish over 60lb, 5 over 70lb and one over 80lb in the past few weeks. 'Trickshot got the first Wahoo over 100 this year with a 104lb fish caught by a 10 year old and the Fish Cakes bettered that with a 107lb 'hoo last week. The Yellowfin Tuna bite is sporadic at best. A single one day and triple header 4 days later...The chumming is yet to pay off this year, but with the water temp rising, hopefully it is only time before that fishery kicks in. The Margin Call caught the first Blue Marlin of the season. Good job by  Ricky, Chummy and crew....great way to break in the new boat...

We can manage our own reports and pictures now, so keep and eye out here for new reports and/or new pictures.