Great Yellowfin Tuna fishing and the Blue Marlin lead.

The Yellowfin have finally arrived in the numbers we are accustomed too. They are a long way from home, but it is well worth the trip. Catches of up to 15 fish a day with the average size better than 50 lb, caught in the chum on the drift and anchor. There is nothing like seeing tunas in the chum line right behind the boat. Our last couple of trips we've had at least  4  - 50 - 60lb fish in the slick right behind the boat on multiple occasions each day.... Such a pretty sight !!!

After great Yellowfing fishing on Sunday, we put 2 130's out for only the 2nd time this year. We got about a mile before a 200 lb Blue Marlin pilled on the Smashbait. 15 minutes later  and we released our 2nd Blue of the season and Nicks first. 2 is not many to have this late in June , but it's enough to put us in the Blue Marlin lead for the fleet and put Fairylands Creek 2 Blues ahead of the combined totals of boats from Dockyard, Elys Harbour and Mills Creek. I'm sure this lead will be short lived as almost all of our trips are meat fishing.

I'm waiting on a tonne of great pictures from this past week. I'll post them up as soon as I get them.

1st couple of Billfish.

The Wahoo and Tuna fishing remails about  the same since our last report. The Marlin fishing seems to be improving as the water temp rises. Our last two trips produced our first first two billfish of the season as well as a few Wahoo and a bunch of Almaco Jacks. We kept the Spearfish as they are without doubt the finest sashimi you will ever eat and released a 200lb Blue Marlin, Drews first and a perfect size fish for the Wahoo gear we caught it on.