Wound Up takes Biggest Fish and high point local boat in Bermuda Triple Crown for the 2nd year in a row.

'Offshore World' Magazine. Bermuda Edition. 2001 Sea Horse Billfish Tournament. ...Day 3 belonged to Capt James Robinson and team aboard 'Wound Up'. At 8:50am in the deep off Grape Bay on South Shore, a blue marlin piled on and angler Ken Winton hooked up tight. An hour later, an 858-pound gladiator was on the deck.......The 858-pounder was enough to take the Big Blue Marlin Jackpot worth $47,520 and the Day Three Blue Marlin Jackpot worth an additional $17,820. Ken Winton's 1,358 points earned him the prestigious high-point angler award, worth another $2,800 for a total of $68,140.

Yellowfin bite continues!


Unbelievable!!  Thanks again for an amazing trip.  I think we saw more species of fish in the chum line than you can see in most aquariums! (Ocean Trigger, Yellow fin, robins, mackerel, tiger shark, wahoo).  I thought I had seen everything until the Manta Ray joined in.  Pulling in 10 yellow fin, a black fin, a wahoo, and a giant mackerel which was caught on the live robin, all by 12 noon was definitely the highlight of my yearly trip to see my brother.  See ya next year!  I’ll try to send you some pics when I get them uploaded.

Thanks again,

Mike Hansberry

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