Raving Fans

“When fishing with James Robinson one is assured of enthusiasm, excitement and expertise. As a bonus you will find that James has a love of fishing that is contagious. Bill and I always look forward to fishing with James.”

Mrs. William B. (Gene) DuVal: IGFA Rep. and Recipient of Life Time Achievement Award, International Women's Fishing Association – Board of Directors, International Women's Fishing Association – Hall of Fame Member, holder of 127 IGFA World Records

“Robinson obviously has a metabolism that just won’t slow down. He appears to work at 4 or 5 times the speed of most humans. Add that to the fact that he is a perfectionist and Curtis has the equivalent of about 4 mates in the cockpit at all times – but without taking up all the space.”

Dean Travis Clarke, Executive Editor, Marlin Magazine, May 1999

“I have fished with James for over 10 years. He has a passion for the sport, great knowledge and never stops trying to find fish for the angler. James designed his new boat, ‘Wound Up’, for serious fishermen and anyone who enjoys actually fishing rather than being ‘along for the ride’ will find it perfect. On top of all of this, James has a friendly and helpful personality which makes any day on the water a true pleasure.”

David A. Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Flagstone Reinsurance Limited

“We’ve been fishing with James for years, and we’re probably as excited as he is that he’s finally running his own show. He’s a great guy who’s fun to fish with – whether I’m entertaining clients or fishing with friends, it’s always an enjoyable day. He’s paid his dues establishing a reputation as the best Mate in Bermuda, and now he’s ready to put all that experience to work as Captain of what I’m sure will quickly become one of the most successful boats in the Island. I’ll never forget watching my son pull in 22 yellowfin tuna fishing with James on my boat a few years ago, and I’ve already booked “Wound Up” for a repeat performance! James knows his way around a boat; he knows safety at sea; and he knows how to catch fish – it’s as simple as that. For my money, that’s pretty much all that matters!”

Henry B. Smith, Retired President / CEO Bank of Bermuda

Another brilliant day’s fishing. We were truly lucky to be a part of the great catch and not bad for Carrie’s first fishing trip and the first Marlin that I seen landed Your track record for 100% successful fishing trip mains in tact. Thanks once again.

Malcolm Graham-Taylor Senior Vice President, Chief Direct and Facultative Property Underwriter. Montpelier Re.

You run a tight ship and your attention to detail is impressive and no doubt the key to your success (your taste in music isn’t too bad either!). It was a great day and one that we won’t forget. Dan and I are already talking about booking another charter later this summer.

Curtis R. Power, CA I Financial Services Group I Ernst & Young Bermuda