Reports and Photos

Well, November certainly made up for September. Most of the Yellowfin were between 15 and 30 lb, but there were a few nicer ones mixed in. We caught a couple in the 80's and  a bunch between 50 and 70lb. We caught everything in the chum and left pretty early most days. Weston and I caught 35 one day , which ended a 6 trip run of 125 Yellowfin Tuna and 7 Wahoo.[gallery]

Fall fishing

The normally great fishing in Sept was far from it. Thankfully, the fishing got better in October. I had a few decent Wahoo catches, but the Yellowfin and Amberjack saved the month. Most of the Yellowfin were between 60 and 90 lb  and 13 was the most we caught in a day. The Amberjack fishing was very good, no huge #'s but some real quality fish - one morning I caught 4 fish weighing just under 300 lb. - this included a 90 lber and a 105 lber, back to back . I fished alone all fall (no photographer), so this report is seriously lacking photos. We'll make up for it in on the next one. [gallery]

Big Yellowfin, Tiger Sharks and Blue Marlin

We had a great time fishing with Ed, Cody and Tyler from Islamorada. We missed a sm Blue, had an 800 lber that came to a teased and ate the flat ...pulled the hook on her after half an hr, Ed released a sm Blue Marlin and the boys caught a double header of yellowfin - 140 and 153 lb.  Frosty caught a 700 lber, James from london caught 1 of 3 blue bites and 14 yr old Charlie caught his first. The Blue marlin bite all but died  in mid August. We had some great fun catching and releasing Tiger Sharks, and picking away at the Wahoo and Amberjack as we waited for the fall fishing to kick in.[gallery]  

tournament season

The Bermuda Triple Crown commences on the 4th of July - the day of the Blue Marlin World Cup, and the first day of the Billfish Blast. Capt Pete Olander on the Queen of Hearts won his second World Championship. The Queen of Hearts 768lb  fish represents the 7th time Bermuda has won the Cup (tied for the lead with Kona ),  and the second win Capt Pete and his crew - only the 2nd two time winner. Brooks and crew on the Mattanza won the Blast with a Blue and 5 White marlin releases. The visiting boat, FaLa Me won the Big Game Classic  and the Triple Crown and the Over Budget won the sea Horse Billfish Tournament. We had a couple of very close calls on the Wound Up.  On the 3rd and final day of the Blast, we released a White and a Blue marlin and pulled the hook on another Blue 10' from the leader. Touching the leader and a photo of that Blue would have won us the daily release pot and $31,800. During the Classic, our close calls continued - on the final day we caught a Blue that we all guessed was right on the 500lb min mark. The fish was so close and it was so early in the day, we decided to release the fish. No fish died in the Classic and all the kill money ( north of $ 150,000) was split between the top 3 boats. our luck changed during the Sea Horse. 3 fish died during the tourny and all 3 died on day one. the Queen of Hearts weighed a 527, the Never Enough weighed a 548 and our angler Mark Munt caught a 619. We won the daily - $16,200 and because no fish died on day 2 or day 3, those dailies and the biggest marlin jackpot went to us - $93,600. You can find tournament photos on       a couple of our Sea Horse pics are in our 'In the News' section [gallery]    

june 2012

we had a few more great tuna catches in june. highlights include - a great day with good friend Bill Bailey, another with the Bacardi crew and an 82 lb Yellowfin for a first time lady angler ( 15 min fight on a tiagra 20 ).  we're short on the horizontal pics our website needs this month.[gallery]

good tuna fishing

we've had consistently good catches of yellowfin with a few wahoo mixed in. most of the yellowfin are between 25 and 80 lb. our mate Gethin caught the largest yellowfin recently, a 104 lb fish on his first day back from school. our largest wahoo since our last report was a 70lb fish a client from Annapolis caught on a 20lb bait casting outfit in the chum. it's hard to beat good chumming w/ fish eating right off the transom. luv it !!![gallery]

a fair start to spring

we ve had a few real good days, but the spring fishing is not what it should be right now. both the Wahoo and Yellowfin fishing shows great promise some days, but just when you think its about to get real good it eases up. it feels a lot like payback after last years great fishing.[gallery]

Bait fishing and family time

the weather has been beautiful, but after an amazing 14 month run, the offshore scene has dried up. the 'Wound Down'( bait boat) has been rolling, the freezers are getting topped up for the coming season and we've had a great time teaching the kids and godson to fish.[gallery]

more chumming and Andrews 920lb Bluefin !!

february was a lot like january, until the fishing dried up and it was a struggle to cover our expenses. a little more chumming on the edge and a lot more maintenance and bait fishing. the catch/story of the winter was local legend Andrew Cards 920lb Bluefin tuna he caught off Argus tower (check the photo of rig and wahoo outfit he caught it on). sharks took +/- 30 lb of the tunas tail,which negates it becoming a local record - a record Andrew holds anyways. regardless of the shark bites, this is another phenomenal achievement added to a long list by a true local legend !!! couldn't happen to a nicer or more worthy fisherman. Huge Congrats Andrew !!![gallery]

Happy New Year

i travelled most of November and the wind howled for most of December. the bit of effort we had offshore was worth it - more yellowfin in the chum. we spent the windy days working on the bait boat, the dock (adding a new cleaning station) and starting to top up our bait supply. the new year started as last year left off - chumming for Yellowfin on SW edge. not the #'s we were catching last year, but good fishing w/ a couple slow days mixed in.[gallery]